Rosewood is a duo from the Bay of Islands, New Zealand who play a wide range of traditional and contemporary music with a strong European and Middle Eastern flavour.

This is great ambient music for those who would like the mood a little different, whether a European cafe, a medieval banquet or a Middle Eastern hafla. The use of authentic and unusual instruments also provides a distinctive sound and point of interest.

Visit the Gigs page for upcoming events

Live video clips:

Fundraiser for the Children of Gaza – Kaan Zamaan

Medieval Night – Ake Ake

Rosewood Concert Review

Newspaper Article

Rosewood Facebook Page  

Rosewood at Kaan Zamaan


  1. Anonymous

    Great CD, well worth the while getting!!
    Also great to listen to live in concert as well.

  2. Thanks John, appreciate the comment – Larry & June

  3. I saw these two play at the Taupo Medieval Faire and I really thoroughly enjoyed every piece they played. Their style and sound was both beautiful and amazing and has inspired me to play more. The atmosphere they created was peaceful and serene. Thank you to both of you for the pleasure of your company and your sound presence while we were working !!

  4. Thanks Hayden pleased you enjoyed our music and particularly that we inspired you to play more.
    We really enjoyed the Faire too.
    Larry & June

  5. Anonymous

    Hey again guys how can I purchase your cd I liked it at the Taupo faire and the improve jam outside the 10d cinema so much so I wanna hear it again lol

  6. Great, just email us at and we’ll arrange to send one to you – Larry & June

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